The Zumikon Chinderhuus is located on the village square. The centre is made up of two houses connected by a common garden. There are 51 full-day care places available for children aged twelve weeks to five years (kindergarten entrance age). The children are divided into five groups within the centre. Starting with the first year in kindergarten, families have to register with the public school Zumikon for day care. 

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To guarantee the children in care the constancy and integration so important in this phase of life, the minimum attendance is two full days per week.


We pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, which is freshly prepared every day by our cook. Of course, we take into account any allergies or intolerances of the individual children as well as the eating habits of individual families (e.g. vegetarians). Each group prepares its own morning snack, while the cook readies, cooks, bakes or cools the lunch and the afternoon snack.


All care products including nappies are included in the price.


One morning a week we take some children to the nearby gymnasium and do rhythmics or practice gymnastics on the equipment.


In spring we go to the Chinderhuus camp in Miraniga for one week with the children from 3 years on. We spend a lively time there centred around a prepared theme, go for walks, play on the big meadow in front of the house and share many experiences.



07.00 a.m. The Chinderhuus opens
08.15 a.m. Breakfast with the group
09.00 a.m. All children should now be present in the Chinderhuus, the group experiences the morning together with games, a guided sequence or a walk.
11:30 a.m. Lunch
1.00 p.m. After brushing their teeth and washing their hands, the small children go to sleep and the older ones to the "Hüeti" (care), so they can all rest. The carers do the housework or have meetings.
3.15 p.m. The last late risers are now awake. We eat a "Zvieri" (4 o'clock snack) and then the children play in free play, go into the garden or experience again something on a current topic.
4.00 p.m. The first parents pick up their children. We inform them about the kid's day, about special experiences and / or events.
6.30 p.m. The Chinderhuus closes



Each group deals with one topic over a longer period of time and works on it for a short time every day. For example, by means of books, playing, handicrafts, adventure trips, singing and excursions.

This theme-related work offers the children the opportunity to try out and develop in various ways. It also enables the children to explore something new together, to show consideration for each other, to master something successfully, but perhaps also to practice patience or even to experience frustration because something does not work out. The employees of Chinderhuus Zumikon actively accompany and support the children.


Thema Bauernhof Kuh
Thema Bauernhof Huhn
Thema Bauernhof Schaf
Thema Bauernhof Schwein



It is important to Chinderhuus Zumikon to let the children play in the great outdoors and we want to give them space and a wide range of activities for their individual development. Working with the children in the great outdoors enables us to support and encourage the children even more intensively in the physical, social, emotional and cognitive areas of their development.
Our Forest Day takes place on Mondays from 09.45 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

From October to November and from March to July in all weather conditions. Children who have reached the age of 3 and can spend the day without nappies are allowed to participate in the Forest Day. We prepare our lunch at our forest place, with a forest sofa and a fireplace. The children are allowed to help actively. The children also have plenty of time to play in the nature, explore the area and let off steam.



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