We, the employees of Chinderhuus Zumikon, jointly aim to:

  • express joy of life as the basis of our pedagogical work
  • create a loving atmosphere for the children, adjusted to their needs, and provide them with a sense of protection
  • support the children's development as self-reliant individuals and emphasize participation and cooperation with other children
  • create an atmosphere conducive to considerate interaction
  • continuously reflect on our actions and to provide a role model for the children, thus creating an environment conducive to "social learning".
  • ensure that theme-oriented activities with the children be an important part of everyday life at the Chinderhuus, aligned with current themes and interests of the children. We create a diverse, stimulating environment to provide for important learning experiences
  • provide the children with an indoor and outdoor environment conducive to acting out their natural desire for physical activity, with the opportunity for a rich variety of experiences and for getting to know their body and the environment
  • respond to the children's individual rhythm of activity and rest
  • demonstrate appreciation for nature and the environment and provide the opportunity for interaction with a broad variety of materials, where not the final product but the playful experience counts
  • pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet aligned with the children’s developmental stage and promote a relaxed atmosphere and eating experience
  • offer the parents support and partnership in raising their children, to accompany the children on their initial journey in life. The cooperation with the parents shall be open and candid.
  • interact appreciatively with the children, parents and our team
  • within our team communicate candidly, and appreciatively; place great emphasis on a careful selection of personnel and a sound professional training in pedagogy.