The Chinderhuus management and the board of the Chinderhuus Zumikon association attach great importance to well-trained staff.

At present, eight apprentices are being trained as federally licensed child day care professionals (Fachfrau/mann Betreuung “Kinder”) and two to three interns are being instructed according to our training plan and prepared in the best possible way for their future apprenticeship.

The apprentices attend vocational school in Winterthur 1 to 2 days a week. In addition to the theoretical part, they have to learn many practical tasks and write reports at the Chinderhuus. During the three-year apprenticeship, each apprentice is accompanied and supported by the Chinderhuus training manager and the particular group team member responsible for her/his on-the-job training.


The most important asset of the Chinderhuus consists of its long-serving, trustworthy employees. The daily dedication of the Chinderhuus team ensures families of Zumikon and the surrounding areas have full confidence in the care offered to their precious children.

Chinderhuus Zumikon, as an independent, private employer, strives to treat its employees fairly. It supports them through regular discussions, offers training opportunities, flexible work schedules, five weeks holidays, compensation of Sächsilüte and Knabenschiessen holidays and a salary development in step with the municipality.

The Chinderhuus has 30 employees. The Chinderhuus management ensures that the team is mixed-age, where experienced and young people complement and can benefit from each other. Many employees work in part-time positions between 20% and 90%. About one third of the team are young people in training, to whom we dedicate our special attention.