The safety, health and well-being of the children and staff who stay at the Chinderhuus are of central concern to us.

The goal of this safety policy of Chinderhuus Zumikon is to ensure that the employees are as well prepared as possible in emergencies and can assess the situation correctly and act accordingly. To this end, the employees regularly take part in safety courses and theory sessions.

To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in an emergency, the tasks of each group are clearly defined and the alarm priorities are defined in writing.

As safety measures, a fire hose, several hand-held fire extinguishers and fire blankets are distributed in the two buildings. All emergency exits are marked with illuminated signs and escape routes are kept clear.

The emergency rucksack, equipped with the prevalent medicines and wound dressing material and the telephone list, accompanies the groups on every excursion or walk.

Every childcare worker always has her/his mobile phone with the most important emergency numbers with them!

The children have a great urge for physical activity and want to experience and explore many things. One of our tasks is to protect the children from the risk of accidents outdoors and on excursions, as well as to make them aware of dangers.

We only greet animals, but do not touch them.

When we go into the forest, we put on long trousers, socks and sturdy shoes. When we return, we search the children for ticks.

The gate to the Chinderhuus garden remains closed at all times. The children shall never be left unattended in the garden.

The employees try to minimise the dangers in the house by

  • having closed the windows of the rooms used and secured them in tilt opening
  • making sure that the children take only the soother - without attached chain - to bed and that the youngest have no pillows
  • keeping small objects out of reach of small children
  • not offering peanuts to children under three years of age because of the risk of suffocation
  • always securing a child on the changing table with one hand and give him or her their full attention
  • never leaving babies and small children lying / sitting unattended on a table or in any other place where they could fall (also applies to the cloakroom)
  • not leaving or storing toxic substances (cleaning agents), care products such as sunscreen or detergents within the reach of children
  • protecting all sockets with a protective cap